Who Runs This Store?

DogCancerShop.com is curated by us here at Dog Cancer Vet/Maui Media, but sales occur on Amazon. 

We look through Amazon's entire inventory and select products that can help you help your dog with cancer. We tell you in our listings WHY we are including them on our shop, including links to relevant articles and information from Dr. D's books. We sort of "show you around" Amazon so it's easy to find what you're looking for. 

When you buy, you will be fully on Amazon, using Amazon's cart, and your own personal Amazon account. Amazon is the seller, and you buy directly from them. If there are questions about shipping, or if you need to make a return, Amazon will be able to help you.

Amazon gives us a tiny "commission" on sales they get from our site, but it does not affect your price in any way. You pay the same as you would if you found the product yourself on Amazon. 

You can read more on our Disclosure Page.