I Can't Download My Book or Audio File

When people have trouble downloading files from Sendowl.com, it's usually for one of these reasons:

  1. Trying to open the PDF file before it fully downloads. Keep in mind that these are large files, and may take a while to download depending upon your connection speed and your computer settings. If you try to open the file too early, it may corrupt the download and make it impossible to open. Please try downloading your file again, and wait until it is 100% complete before you open it. 
  2. Scrolling through the PDF before the file is ready. The book is 496 pages long, and that is a large PDF file! Scrolling through the document before it fully opens tends to "stop" the process, resulting in a half-opened file. The first time you open the file, please wait to start scrolling through or searching until the PDF file has "pulled itself together." Once it has, you can scroll or search at ease.
  3. Forgetting where the PDF file is downloaded. Please be sure to save the file in a place you can find it later! Many people lose the file after they first read it, because they don't know where their computer saves/downloads files. Using "Save As" and putting the file in a place you can remember (like the desktop) is a good idea.

If you need another download, you have three downloads available at your URL. If you are out of downloads, just email us to let us know and we'll be happy to reset those for you!