How Do I Get My Digital Purchases?

Books and audio files are large, and we cannot attach them to emails. That's why we use a digital file delivery service that is both secure and safe. Here's how to download your purchase from, our partner service. 

  • Immediately after you place your order for a downloadable digital book or audio file, you will see your order confirmation page, with a link to your unique download page on
  • You will also get an email from with your unique download URL. That email is sent immediately, so you should receive it right after you make your purchase. (Check your junk folder if you don't see it!) Please save that email, because if you ever need to redownload your purchase, that's where you will do it. Your URL will never change.
  • To download your purchase, click through to your unique URL from either your order confirmation page or the Sendowl email.
  • You will see all of your digital purchases on your download page. Under each purchase, you will see a note about how many downloads are remaining for that file. You get three to start, and if you need more, you can always request more. 
  • Note: you will NOT see a record of any physical books or CDs you purchased. This is just for downloads.
  • Click "download" next to each file to start downloading your file. Note: The "download all" option is also available, although some readers report that using that button results in multiple downloads that use up all three attempts at once.
  • Your browser will download the file to your device, or computer. It will save the file in whatever file folder you normally save downloads. 
  • Once the file is fully downloaded, you may open the file. 

If you are opening a PDF, you can use any PDF reader or get one for free from

If you are opening an MP3 file, you can listen using any native player on your computer or device.