Who Runs This Blog?

All of our sites associated with Dr. Dressler are run by and managed by Maui Media, his book publisher. 

Dr. Dressler has been writing for https://dogcancerblog.com since 2008, and his veterinary co-author Dr. Ettinger and other health experts have joined him since. You will find HUNDREDS of articles to support you. 

While Dr. Dressler's full-length book and audiobook are available everywhere books are sold, we also have a more in-depth Publication Store at https://store.dogcancerblog.com. Here you will find paperback and PDF editions of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide, plus over forty seminars in audio format, among others. 

Finally, https://dogcancershop.com is an Amazon affiliate site we curate for your benefit. We "show you around" Amazon's collection and pick out the items we think will most help your dog, based on Dr. Dressler's book. But all of the actual purchasing and shipping is done through Amazon itself. We make a tiny affiliate fee on items purchased through this site, but that doesn't change your price.